Genre: Science Fiction

Tuesday, September 15 2015 9:45 – Noon
Location: Amherst Room, Jones Library

Benchmark: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

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Notes on Discussion


Second Titles

Name: Wendy Pearson

  • Title: Pattern Recognition
  • Author: William Gibson

Name: Betty Johnson

  • Title: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
  • Author: Robert Heinlein
  • Appeal Factors: Plot-driven; World-building Tone:Atmospheric; Bittersweet; Dramatic; Thought-provoking
  • Summary/Thoughts: Three revolutionaries and sentient supercomputer Mike attempt to wrest control of their lunar civilization from the corrupt and greedy Lunar Authority. Heinlein builds a rational world in which “loonies” live in polyamorous unions and serve as their own judges, juries, and executioners. (LJ 6/15/96) –Ricardo Laskaris (Reviewed April 1, 2015) (Library Journal, vol 140, issue 6, p44)

Name: Margaret Birchfield

  • Title: One Jump Ahead
  • Author: Mark Van Name
  • Appeal Factors: Space Opera – really personable sidekick (a sentient spaceship)
  • Summary/Thoughts: A fun read, harking back to the old space operas but also about an outsider trying to come to terms with himself – Nanotech also rears its head – with some ruminations on its ramifications.

Name: Daniel S. Miller

  • Title: The wall of the eye, the wall of the sky
  • Author: Jonathan Lethem
  • Appeal Factors: dystopias — religious, dystopia — dark science fiction, aliens, edginess
  • Summary/Thoughts: Short stories. Only a few are science fiction in that their stories are influenced by introduction of a new technology.

Name: Candace Curran

  • Title: The Knife of Never Letting Go
  • Author: Patrick Ness
  • Summary/Thoughts: Great talking dog character … a journey that keeps you wound up. Sort of a coming of age novel. Book One of Chaos Walking.  Todd and Viola and Manchee set out to find answers and truths about the town Todd grew up in while being relentlessly pursued.  Prentiss is a town of males whose thoughts, (noise) can be seen and heard.

Name: Molly Moss

  • Title: Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas
  • Author: John Scalzi
  • Appeal Factors: geek, metafiction, dark humor
  • Summary/Thoughts: What starts out as a fun romp through a Star Trek like universe, where the characters realize that they are part of a larger story arc, and try to save their lives, becomes more than that as we also see the story through several ‘real’ characters, including the head writer of the show.