Genre: Mystery Fiction Arc III – Genre Blends

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 9:45 – Noon
Location: Sunderland Public Library
Genre: Mystery Genre Arc III – Genre Blends
Benchmark: Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Mystery Genre Blends Resources

Genre blends are increasing in popularity as writers refuse to let us put them in neat boxes. Here are some lists of genre blend mysteries:

Genre Blender !!

Supernatural Sleuths — Display Idea for Adults by Krista Biggs
Paranormal Mysteries – Novelist Recommended Reads

Notes on Discussion


Second Titles

Name: Betty Johnson
Title: The Big Over Easy: a nursery crime
Author: Jasper Fforde

Summary/Thoughts: Series:Nursery crime novels, 1
“Description:Unconvinced that a former convict and millionaire philanthropist has been murdered by his suicide-victim ex-wife, detective inspector Jack Spratt and his assistant, Mary Mary, uncover a plot involving money laundering and asylum-seeking titans.

Genre:Adult books for young adults; Supernatural mystery stories
Character:Large cast of characters; Likeable
Storyline:Intricately plotted; Plot-driven
Tone:Dramatic; Funny
Writing Style:Descriptive; Stylistically complex; Witty”-Novelist plus

Name: Jan Resnick
Title: Broken Homes
Author: Aaronovitch, Ben
Appeal Factors: Pace: Fast; Characters: quirky; Story: Intricately plotted; Language: 1st person PC Grant, lots of British slang; Tone: strong sense of place; Frame: London, Eng., contemporary to pub. date – 2013

Summary/Thoughts: The cover blurb likens Broken Homes to ‘The perfect blend of CSI and Harry Potter.’ A specialist investigative squad (Chief Inspector Nightingale, Lesley and PC Peter Grant – narrator) look for links in crimes to the world of magic. A couple of murders lead them undercover to the Skygarden tower block, an architectural experiment. The German architect may have designed a building with special qualities to harness magic. The Faceless Man, a strong and evil wizard, will use the reserves of magic to enhance his powers. They find a plot against the building as well as revenge against the special squad.

Clues, magic, a night witch and revenge abound. Probably best read in series order. More appeal for urban fantasy readers than mystery readers.

Rivers of London #4

Similar authors/titles: Jim Butcher – Dresden files; Lovecraft – Shadows Over Baker Street; Carey – Felix ‘Fix’ Castor novels; Simon Green – Nightside series; Paul Cornell – London Falling novels; John Meaney – Tristopolis books; Laurell K. Hamilton – Anita Blake, vampire hunter series